Kari Rose

Interior Solutions worked with us on our kitchen remodel, and they were fantastic.  Our remodel happened in the midst of the pandemic, and they completely screened off the work area from our living area so that we could continue to work at home and our daughter could engage in remote learning from home.  They fully cleaned up after themselves everyday, storing tools and sweeping up so that I was never worried about my daughter getting into something dangerous or stepping on a nail in bare feet.  It certainly wasn’t easy to live through a pandemic remodel, but Dave and Joe’s consideration of our family’s needs made it possible.

In addition to a cosmetic remodel of our cabinets, backsplash and lighting, we had several “old-house” issues that they addressed.  They re-routed our sink drain that had broken and worked with us to do so in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way possible.  They moved existing windows, installed additional windows, and closed exterior gaps to keep out the cold and the critters.  Dave and Joe did beautiful work and paid close attention to all of the small details of the job.  By the time we were reaching the end of the project, Dave asked us for a punch list.  Because they had done such complete work throughout the job, the list was quite short – completed in just a couple of hours.  Dave did a great job managing the project, and he really listened to all of our ideas and concerns.  He was a great sounding board for our ideas, honest about what would and wouldn’t work, and he made excellent recommendations that were rooted in his deep experience in the business.

Dave also fully stands behind his work.  As mentioned above, we had major issues with cold and critters coming in before our remodel.  During the first really cold night of the year, our kitchen pipes ended up freezing.  Dave and Joe came immediately, tore out the new drywall that they had installed a few months earlier, re-routed the supply line, and put up new drywall – all at no expense to us.  They had previously re-insulated the entire line, and since our job happened in late August, they had no way to know that the cold air would find a new way into the house, but still stood behind their work fully.

Finally, Dave and Joe are really nice people.  They were great with our special needs daughter and our dogs (who especially loved having them there working everyday).  We have additional projects that will need to be completed in our old house as budget allows, and I am so grateful to know who we will call.